Maximizing Tinder's Super Like: When and Why to Use It

NNora September 15, 2023 10:26 PM

When you're navigating the world of online dating, Tinder's 'Super Like' feature can be a game-changer. Introduced in 2015, the Super Like function allows you to notify a potential match that you're super interested in them. Yes, it's a bold move. But, if used judiciously, it can elevate your dating game and increase your chances of getting more matches. But the question is when and why to use it? Let's dive in.

Understanding Tinder's Super Like

A 'Super Like' is a special feature on Tinder that lets you show a potential match that you're especially interested. You can only super like once a day (or five times a day if you're a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscriber), so it's not something to use lightly.

When you Super Like someone, they will see a blue banner underneath your picture in their deck, signaling that you've Super Liked them. This does two crucial things. It either makes you stand out from the sea of other profiles, or it puts you at the top of their swiping stack.

Benefits of Super Like on Tinder

In an app where swiping right is as common as breathing, standing out can be a challenge. Here's how Super liking can help:

  • Puts you in the limelight: When you Super Like someone, your profile is highlighted with a bright blue footer, making you hard to miss.

  • Shows you're genuinely interested: The Super Like is a clear signal that you're genuinely interested in someone, which can be a refreshing change from the usual, nonchalant swipes.

  • Increases the chance of a match: According to Tinder, users who Super Like are three times more likely to get a match.

When to Use Tinder Super Like

Reserve the Super Like for when you come across a profile that genuinely interests you. Maybe they have an intriguing bio, share common interests with you or you're attracted to their pictures.

Avoid using it too often as it may come off as desperate. A Super Like is meant to be special, so save it for someone who truly catches your eye.

Why to Use Tinder Super Like

Aside from the potential to increase your match chances, using the Super Like function sends a clear message that you're interested in getting to know someone better.

Tinder Super Like Tips

Here are some tips on how to use the Super Like feature effectively:

  1. Don't Super Like too frequently: Overusing the Super Like function can make you seem desperate. It's a special feature, so use it sparingly.
  2. Be selective: Only Super Like people you're genuinely interested in. It's not a tool for mass likes.
  3. Combine with a good profile: A Super Like is only as good as your profile. Make sure your pictures are clear and your bio is interesting.

To summarize, Tinder's Super Like can be a powerful tool if used correctly. It can help you stand out, signal genuine interest, and potentially boost your match rate.

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