Tinder's Platinum vs. Gold: 5 Key Differences and Which is Right for You

VViolet September 6, 2023 11:36 PM

If you're wading into the digital dating pool, Tinder undoubtedly holds a significant spot. With its easy-swipe feature and massive user base, it's no surprise that many are taking their experience a notch higher by subscribing to Tinder's premium features - Platinum and Gold. But between Tinder Platinum and Gold, which one offers more bang for your buck? In this article, we'll dive deep into the key differences and help you decide which is right for you.

Tinder Gold: An Overview

Tinder Gold offers some fantastic features for users looking for more than the basic swiping experience. Among these are:

  1. Unlimited Likes: You can swipe right as much as you want. There’s no cap!
  2. Passport: You can swipe anywhere in the world, regardless of your location.
  3. More Super Likes: Who wouldn't want to stand out from the crowd? With Tinder Gold, you get five Super Likes per day.
  4. Rewind: Swiped left on someone you didn't mean to? No problem! With the Rewind feature, you get a do-over.
  5. See Who Likes You: This feature lets you see who’s swiped right on your profile, even before you swipe on theirs.

Tinder Platinum: An Overview

As a step up from Gold, Tinder Platinum offers all the same features as Tinder Gold, plus a few extras:

  1. Message Before Matching: This feature allows you to send a message before a match. It's a great way to break the ice and stand out.
  2. Priority Likes: Your Like will be seen by potential matches before non-subscriber Likes.
  3. See Who Likes You: Similar to Tinder Gold, you can see who swiped right on your profile.

Key Differences Between Tinder Platinum and Gold

Every feature of Tinder Gold is included in Tinder Platinum, but there are a few key differences that set the two apart. Here’s a comparison:

Features Tinder Gold Tinder Platinum
Unlimited Likes Yes Yes
Passport Yes Yes
More Super Likes Yes Yes
Rewind Yes Yes
See Who Likes You Yes Yes
Message Before Matching No Yes
Priority Likes No Yes

Is Tinder Platinum Worth the Extra Cost?

Whether Tinder Platinum is worth the extra cost largely depends on your individual needs and dating goals. If you want to maximize your chances of matching and starting conversations, it might be worth the splurge. However, if you're fairly satisfied with the features Tinder Gold provides, you might want to stick with it.

Choosing Between Tinder Platinum and Gold

The decision between Tinder Platinum and Tinder Gold comes down to your personal needs and how you use the app. If you're an avid user, and you value the ability to message first or want your Likes to be seen first, Tinder Platinum might be worth it. But if you're happy with the advantages Tinder Gold offers, there's no need to upgrade.

In the end, both Tinder Platinum and Tinder Gold offer distinctive benefits that can enhance your online dating experience.

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